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You might remember Francisco Del Castillo from our Motainment vs. monetizer tennis match at the ASE Open  in New York last July. Guess what: We just upgraded our tennis power and are proud that Francisco recently joined us in our Cologne office as our new Project Manager.



A native of Lima, this Peruvian tennis whiz will help us to develop new services for your every mobile need. With sales experience at an Android app developing company in Paris and after a stint at our Düsseldorf/Germany-based partner monetizer , Francisco will surely be a great asset to our team here in Cologne. Similarly to his previous roles, he will look for business opportunities, find advertisers, app developers and much more here at Motainment, so we can even grow beyond last year’s success.

As you might have guessed by now, tennis plays an important role in Francisco’s life. It helped him receive scholarships for his studies in the US, and a teaching position, he landed at John McEnroe Tennis academy, financed his graduate studies in International Business from Grenoble Ecole de Managemet in France. He believes that his time as a tennis instructor taught him to communicate much better. “When you are teaching to a great variety of individuals you always have to customize your message in the most effective manner for that specific individual. Therefore, communication becomes a key factor in the development of the player.” For Francisco the competitive nature and the social aspects of tennis are an immense resource in his professional life as well. ”If you are an athlete you develop skills that you can also apply into business. It’s really helpful in different aspects of life because you always want to be the best at what you do”.

Francisco’s competitiveness does not stop with tennis. The chocolate lover is also an avid football player and gamer. “I like everything I do to be competitive, it’s just my nature I guess”. When he is not on the court, on the pitch, or in front of his console, he still prefers to be active, and likes to cook and enjoy life, but sometimes he also appreciates a good anime or manga to wind down to.

And what does he say about his new home? “I’m really looking forward to experiencing Cologne to the fullest! Everything is so lively and active here in the city, it’s great.”


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